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Toro TS90 Sportsfield Rotor Sprinkler

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TS90 Sports Turf Rotor Sprinkler. 

Adjustable part/full circle. Designed for large turf areas it has a radius of 16.2 meters to 29 meters and is ideal for parks, sports fields, synthetic turf, athletic fields and race tracks. Additionally, the Toro patented TruJectory™ system allows for the fine-tuning of nozzle stream height from 7° to 30° to ensure wind resistance and negate overspray.

  • TruJectory™ adjustable from 7˚to 30˚ (in 1˚ increments) helps compensate for windy conditions
  • Three nozzle configuration: Provides better distribution uniformity, nozzle flexibility and system efficiency
  • Back nozzle capable.
  • Part and full circle in one sprinkler, with ratcheting riser and constant velocity drive
  • Small surface diameter with rubber cover and below grade installation for increased player safety
  • Standard check valve checks up to 3m
  • Nozzles #1 - #9, radius 16.2 to 29m, flow 52.9 to 232.8 l/m, trajectory 7˚ to 30˚, pressure 2.8 to 7.0 bar
  • 4" pop-up height
  • Inlet 1" female threaded
  • 5 year warranty. 

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Trujectory Adjustment from 7° to 30°
Fine tunes nozzle spray height, helps provide true head-to-head coverage, and compensates for windy conditions.

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Part And Full Circle In One
Offers convenience and reduces inventory requirements.

Back Nozzle Capable
Perfect for perimeter of sports fields. Provides the flexibility for fine-tuning any watering requirement.

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Three Nozzle Configuration
Provides better distribution uniformity, nozzle flexibility and system efficiency.
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Constant-Velocity Drive
Provides reliable rotation speed – from sprinkler to sprinkler.




16.2m – 29.0m at 25° trajectory

Flow Rate

53 – 233 LPM


Full & Part-circle in one:

  • Full-circle: 360° unidirectional clockwise rotation
  • Part-circle: 40° - 330°
Rotation Speed

3 minutes +/- 30 seconds


25mm FBSP

Recommended operating pressure range

340-690 kPa

Nozzle Options

9 main, 3 intermediate, 1 inner

TruJectory™ Nozzle Trajectory Adjustment

7° to 30°

Standard Check Valve

3m elevation


Body Height: 254mm
• Overall Height: 317mm
• Retracted Height: 216mm
• Pop-Up Height: 102mm
• Exposed Cap Diameter: 56mm

Compatible with

Swing Joints
Swing joints are pipe fittings that are used to attach sprinklers or rotors to an irrigation system. The TS90 is only combatable with 25mm threaded Swing Joints.



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