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Natural Blast® Microbial Pond Treatment

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Natural Blast® uses microbial treatment to reduce excess nutrients and break down organic matter that result from increased water temperature or a large rain event. It is best used in combination with the AquaSpherePRO, All Purpose Pond and Water Cleaner and repeated every seven to ten days as necessary.

Use Natural Blast® in your outdoor pond or water feature at the beginning of the season, if you start to see organic floating material, or in consecutive months if you see organic material form during the summer. It works across the entire water column to treat common water problems that cause clarity, quality and severe odor issues. This all-natural product advances the decomposition of floating and suspended green organic matter and restores the health of your fountain, aquarium, or pond.

Each pack contains enough cleaner for 450,000 Litres of pater. Use a 4 Pack for 1,800,000 Litres of pond.

Natural Blast® comes in pre-measured, easy-to-dispense packets and the water-soluble bags will dissolve in as little as 30 seconds after being tossed in the water. Please make sure your hands are dry before handling the water-soluble packs.  This product is veterinarian approved and safe for all fish, wildlife, plants, pets, and people.


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