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Toro offers a comprehensive range of irrigation, parts and controller products. Toro irrigation products are designed to accommodate the  specific needs of the sectors they target, allowing both professionals and home owners an efficient and effective watering solution for their properties and businesses.

Parkland is proud to be the exclusive distributors of Toro products within New Zealand. 


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16mm Grommet (for Toro Drip-In Dripline)

16mm Grommet only for Toro Drip-In Dripline.   Specifications      Documentation   Videos     Compatible with     Reviews    

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16mm Polyethylene Flushing End Cap (Toro Drip-In Dripline)

16mm Flushing End Cap for Toro Drip-In Dripline. Specifications   Documentation Videos Compatible with   Reviews  

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16mm Polyethylene Ratchet Clip Suit (Toro Drip-In Dripline)

16mm ratchet clip suit for Toro Drip-In Dripline.   Specifications      Documentations   Videos     Compatible with     Reviews    

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24V AC Solenoid Coil (Toro/Irritrol Valves)

24V AC Solenoid Coil for Toro/Irritrol valves.   Specifications      Documentations   Videos     Compatible with     Reviews    

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4mm PVC Flexible Micro Tube

4mm PVC Flexible Micro Tube. Flexible Riser Tube Available in 100 & 250m rolls. Compatible with 4mm fittings.   Specifications      Documentation   Videos     Compatible with     Reviews    

From $156.80
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5mm PVC Micro Tubing (Thick Walled)

5mm PVC Micro Tubing (thick walled, 200m per roll). Thick walled 200m per roll Compatible with 4mm fittings.   Specifications      Documentation   Videos     Compatible with     Reviews    

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9-24V DC Latching Solenoid Coil (Toro/Irritrol Valves)

9-24V DC Latching Solenoid Coil for Toro/Irritrol Valves.   Specifications      Documentations   Videos     Compatible with     Reviews    

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Grommets (Drip-Loc Take-Offs)

Grommets for Drip-Loc Take-Offs.  Specifications      Documentation   Videos      Compatible with     Reviews    

From $1.84
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Heat Shrink Cap For Cables

Heat Shrink Cap A heat shrinkable cap for simple fast sealing of multiple wire connection without the need for soldering. Available sizes include caps for 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm...

From $0.86
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Hole Punch (for 4-5mm Barbed Fittings)

Hole Punch for 4mm & 5mm barbed fittings. Two models available:  101UP3 – 3mm hole suitable for 4mm barbed fittings 101UP4 – 4mm hole suitable for 5mm barbed fittings.  Specifications  ...

From $24.39
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Jet & Micro Stakes

Jet & Micro Stakes   Specifications      Documentation   Videos      Compatible with     Reviews    

From $2.00
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Multi Stream Pop-up Sprinkler

Multi Stream Pop-up Sprinkler The ultimate in water delivery systems for your lawn and garden. Pop-ups offer great usability while being concealed when not in use. Specifically designed as part...

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