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Free standard shipping on most orders over $250
Free standard shipping on most orders over $250

Standard Golf Sg Pro Hole Cutter

SKU 29000
Its unparalleled precision ensures that you achieve the perfect hole effortlessly, eliminating any room for error. But that's not all - the SG Pro Hole Cutter is designed with your convenience in mind. No more twisting and turning or hunching over. Its user-friendly hammer mechanism makes it incredibly easy to cut a perfect hole. The ratchet ejection handle saves you valuable time and effort on the job, allowing you to cut and replace holes with a same-size plug every time. With lightning-fast speed and unmatched ease of use, this tool not only meets but exceeds the demands of superintendents and greenskeepers alike. Experience the future of hole cutting with SG Pro - where perfection meets simplicity!
  • Cut perfectly circular, crisp holes every time
  • Safe for your body - lift and throw the hammer mechanism - saving stress on your back
  • Ratchet ejection allows you to easily remove and place plugs as needed, in full
  • Will easily cut through the hardest "push up" greens and perform equally as well in USGA greens
  • Easy for all crew members to operate
  • Depth gauge allows for uniform cup depth with single-cut holes, allowing easy replacement of plugs
  • Bubble level embedded in handle

Introducing the revolutionary SG Pro Hole Cutter, the epitome of precision and efficiency! Crafted with cutting-edge technology, this innovative machine-grade tool guarantees a flawless and perfect cut every time, setting a new standard.

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