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Trinity Orchards make the switch from Orange to Gold with Parkland

Trinity Orchards make the switch from Orange to Gold with Parkland


Trinity Orchards based in Kerikeri, Northland have traditionally been Orange growers but now produce gold Kiwifruit.


The Orchards were wanting to convert their existing area into one appropriate to grow gold kiwifruit in.


Parkland's services included design of an irrigation system utilising Toro drip tube and accommodating the irregularly shaped plot sections and large elevation variance across this customer’s land. A Heron two-wire irrigation control system was installed on this site. This turn-key solution included irrigation design, material supply and a Heron control system.


Trinity Orchards were greatly appreciative of the transformation and this led to the new release of gold kiwifruit on the supermarket shelves. With appropriate irrigation management techniques, the orchards traded oranges for kiwifruit.

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