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Case Study: Parkland Irrigation Helps Waimarama Orchard Secure Sustainable Growth with Advanced Irrigation Solutions

Case Study: Parkland Irrigation Helps Waimarama Orchard Secure Sustainable Growth with Advanced Irrigation Solutions

Parkland Irrigation empowers sustainable growth for Waimarama Orchard, a thriving avocado and blueberry producer in New Zealand. This case study explores how Parkland's expertise addressed Waimarama's irrigation challenges, ensuring efficient water usage and future-proofed operations for continued success.

About Waimarama Orchard:

  • Established avocado and blueberry orchard in Ngataki, New Zealand

  • Owned by Te Urungi o Ngati Kuri Ltd, supporting the Iwi Trust Board's economic goals

  • 60 hectares of productive land with 19,000 avocado trees and a new blueberry tunnel house plantation

  • Dedicated team committed to sustainable practices

view of lake

The property was purchased by the Ngati Kuri Trust in 2011 as a major investment into re-building the Iwi’s economic future. Several years on, there is substantial horticultural investment into the property to continue to drive economic returns in a form that aligns with the Trust’s cultural imperatives. The Waimarama Orchard has a dedicated team consisting eleven full-time employees and up to 9 temporary seasonal workers during harvest season.


The Challenge:

Waimarama Orchard's growth trajectory demanded a more robust irrigation system. The existing pump station couldn't meet the water needs of their expanding avocado trees. Additionally, they required:

  • Increased capacity: A pump station upgrade to support future growth.
  • Enhanced filtration: Improved water quality for optimal plant health.
  • Monitoring and control: Real-time data for informed irrigation decisions.
  • Fertigation capabilities: Efficient delivery of nutrients to plants.
  • Efficient irrigation for blueberries: A system specifically designed for the new blueberry plantation.

This all had to be done within a budget which could deliver the quality Waimarama Orchard needed, while minimising water consumption. After consulting many firms, they came to us where we could deliver the IRRInet solution.

Parkland Irrigation's Solution:

Parkland Irrigation expanded the infrastructure from the pump house to the avocado site, designing and installing new underground pipework, the sub-mains and valve systems. In addition, a brand new Grundfos pump station was installed, along with design and installation of irrigation for the Blueberry tunnel houses. Finally, the implementation of a remote monitoring and control system – MOTOROLA IRRInet – was enabled for the Blueberry plantation.  

“Waimarama Orchard needed a system that gave orchard staff an early line of sight into optimising water usage and fault-finding, as well as other site variables” said Lance Dale, Control System Technician at Parkland Products Ltd, “the MOTOROLA IRRInet control system platform includes integration of pumps, fertigation and control of valves on the blueberry tunnel houses, thus having all of their site variables programmed into one control system that can be operated remotely. Waimarama Orchard can now put their effort where focus is needed most, guided by data and monitoring over the vast expanse of land” he said. 

Key Benefits:

  • Scalability: The upgraded system supports Waimarama's future growth plans.

  • Improved efficiency: Precise irrigation and fertigation optimize water usage and resource allocation.

  • Data-driven decision making: Real-time monitoring allows for informed adjustments to irrigation practices.

  • Reduced labour costs: Remote control minimizes manual work and allows staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

  • Sustainable practices: Efficient water usage aligns with Waimarama's commitment to sustainability.


Parkland has taken us from a basic mechanical system to state-of-the-art technology, which has forced a change by way of upskilling staff in order to get the most out of the technology” explained Paul Tolladay, Orchard Manager for Waimarama Orchards. “To their credit, our team have risen to the challenge, and we are well positioned both with the technology and the skills to grow the Orchard operations into the future” he said.

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