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Toro Tempus® Ag MV - Pressure Sensor Module

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The module detects the pressure of your irrigation system.

Thanks to the pre-wired pressure sensor, Tempus® Ag PR allows you to check the operating status of your system, to prevent malfunctions  and to warn you if pre-set thresholds are exceeded.

The module communicates with the Gateway (4G or Wi-Fi), forwarding the detected data and also allows direct connection from smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth®.

  • LoRa™ radio connection
  • 1 input for pressure sensor
  • LoRa™ range up to 800m
  • Pressure sensor included and pre-wired
  • 0-5V analogue input
  • Pressure measurement 0-1600 kPa
  • Bluetooth® Smart 4.0 Low Energy
  • Warning feature when thresholds exceeded
  • Waterproof connector (MetriPack-150)
  • Sensor thread: 1/4” BSP
  • Remote management via MyToroTempus App and Web platform
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Powered by 9V DC battery
  • Operating temperature: -20°C / 60°C

How It Works


System can be managed remotely via web platform or mobile app.


Connecting to 4G or Wi-Fi allows to remotely control and monitor field modules up to 800 m using pioneering LoRa radio connection.


from the gateways to the field modules.

Toro Tempus Ag - Introduction Video

Take control of water from the palm of your hand. Introducing Toro's new Irrigation solution - Tempus Ag. Using pioneering LoRa technology, Toro Tempus® Ag allows you to create an affordable and scalable water delivery solution - without wires. You can remotely monitor field conditions and deliver water to the right place, at the right time. Take command of water.
Who is using Toro Tempus® Ag?

Who is using Toro Tempus® Ag?

A practical and proven wireless technology, Toro Tempus® Ag delivers precision irrigation in various commercial applications including municipalities, schools and zoo's, along with agricultural use with permanent crops, row crops and protected crops.

Precise irrigation, improved reporting.

Precise irrigation, improved reporting.

Delivered on a powerful web platform, the Toro Tempus® Ag centralized solution
is controlled remotely via an intuitive and user-friendly interface on a desktop or
mobile device app. You can make adjustments to your schedules, optimizing
ground conditions and the use of water – putting you in total command.

For remote system management go to

Toro Tempus® Ag vs traditional automated systems.

Toro Tempus® Ag vs traditional automated systems.

Traditional wired irrigation is expensive, complex and offers very basic controls. A totally wireless solution, Toro Tempus® Ag is an affordable, battery-operated system which uses sensors to give detailed feedback of ground conditions and allows total automation –by time, by volume or by rainfall.

Toro Tempus Ag grows with you!

Start: No Base Station. Just a Smart Phone

A simple easy to use battery powered controller - connect via Bluetooth to your phone.

Scale: Add a Base Station

Add a Wi-Fi Station or Lora Base station to your set up to extend the range of your system up to 800m*.

Modular: Multiple Base Stations, Controllers & Sensors

Fully customise your set up with multiple stations, sensors & Controllers. Modular base stations so you can continue to scale your irrigation systems.

View the Tempus Ag Range