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Toro Infinity Series INF55-6 Sprinkler & Nozzle Kit 40mm (1 1/2") TruJectory® 24 Positions Full Circle & Part Circle In One

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The INFINITY 55-6 Series, coupled with Smart Access, stands out in the market with their unparalleled selection of high-performance nozzles and innovative TruJectory adjustment capabilities. These features empower users to deliver water with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring optimal distribution uniformity across the desired area. Furthermore, the integrated part/full circle drive mechanism enhances the system's versatility, enabling quick and effortless adjustments to the coverage area. This flexibility is crucial for adapting to seasonal changes in watering requirements or complying with water rationing mandates. Remarkably, these adjustments can be made in a matter of seconds, without the need for disassembly or additional components, making it a highly efficient solution for maintaining precise irrigation control.

TruJectory® – 24 Positions
From 7° - 30° in 1° increments put water where you want it. Adjust from the top of the sprinkler in seconds, wet or dry. This flexibility lets you tackle every obstacle on the course; wind, trees, bunkers, mounds and more.

Industry's Largest Nozzle Selection
Nozzles from 12,8m - 30,5m (42’ to 100’) radius plus a wide assortment of back nozzles lets you put the precise amount of water exactly where you need it. All nozzles threaded in from the front.

Hot Spot Watering
Nozzle base can be turned in either direction and held to put down as much water as needed, precisely where you want it. Standard on all Toro Part circle
Golf rotors!

Adjustment With No Disassembly
Toro exclusive, simply pull up the riser and turn the nozzle base to the precise position you want to water.

True Part and Full-Circle in One – 40° - 330° Part Circle and 360º Full Circle
These sprinklers can be 360º full circle today and part circle tomorrow allowing you to simply and economically adjust the area of coverage to match your seasonal needs or meet water rationing mandates.

Toro® INFINITY® Golf Sprinklers

    Toro Infinity Series NOZZLE SELECTION- INF55-6

    • INF55-6 has nine nozzle variations(51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58 and 59)
    • Four in-line nozzles, rotating stream pattern
    • One back nozzle position
    • Stator variations INF55-6: 3

    Toro Infinity Series - INF55-6
    Radius: 15.9 – 30.5m (52’ – 100’)
    Flow Rate: 52.6-231.3 LPM (13.9 – 61.1 gpm)
    Precipitation Rates: Minimum - 11,1mm/hr (0.44”/hr); Maximum - 17.5mm/hr (0.69”/hr)
    Pilot Valve: Selectable at 3,4; 4,5; 5,5; and 6,9 bar (50, 65, 80 and 100 psi)
    Recommended Operating Pressure Range: 4.5-6,9 bar (65-100 psi) - Maximum - 10.3 bar (150 psi) • Minimum -2.8 bar (40 psi)
    SMART ACCESS™ Cover and Compartment Diameter: 19cm (7.5”)
    Body height: 29cm (11.38”)
    Weight: 2.28kg (5.04 lbs.)

    Toro Infinity Series BODY - Power Options
    Standard Solenoid: 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Inrush; 0.30A, Holding; 0.20A
    Spike Guard Solenoid: 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Inrush; 0.12A, Holding; 0.10A
    Nickel-Plated Spike Guard Solenoid: 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Inrush; 0.12A, Holding; 0.10A
    DC Latching Solenoid (DCLS): Momentary low voltage pulse
    LYNX Smart Module with DCLS: Momentary low voltage pulse

    INF35 /INF34 / INF30 / INF35-6 Inlet (ACME)
    Size: 25mm (1”) ACME
    Thread: ACME

    INF35 /INF34 / INF30 / INF35-6 Inlet (BSP)
    Inlet Size: 25mm (1”)
    Thread: BSP

Disclaimer: Due to continued product development. Specifications and design subject to change without notice. Products depicted in this literature are for demonstration purposes only. Actual products offered for sale may vary in use, design, required attachments and safety features.



Provides top accessibility to all critical components

  • No digging or unsightly turf repair scars
  • Customizable markerNo buried wire splices or ground faults
  • Replaceable cover if damaged
  • Pilot valve removable with water “ON”Increased labor efficiency
  • Lower long term cost of ownershi
Built for flexible expansion

Built for flexible expansion

SMART ACCESS™ design enables you to add new technology for decades to come.

  • LSM 2-wire module accessible from the top
  • Wire splices protected and accessible from the top
  • Pilot valve accessible from the top
  • Replaceable cover if damaged
  • Pilot valve removable with water “ON”Room to Grow
  • Future-proof your investment

INF55-6/FLX55-6 Series Performance Chart—(Metric)

Infinity Overview

INF35-6 & INF55-6 Trajectory Performance (Metric)

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