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Free standard shipping on most orders over $250

Toro T5 Rotor Sprinkler with RapidSet® (with Stainless Steel Riser)

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T5 Rotor Sprinkler - with stainless steel riser, check valve and RapidSet.

The Toro T5 RapidSet™ Series Rotor is packed with features, including an industry-leading 5” pop-up height, advanced nozzle technology and superior debris-tolerant seal.

  • RapidSet® Arc adjustment within seconds (no tools required)
  • Arc from 40˚ to 360˚
  • In-built stream straighteners give unmatched uniformity
  • 5" standard pop-up height, or 12" hi-pop
  • Available with stainless steel riser, or effluent options
  • Inlet 3/4" female threaded
  • Standard:
    • Nozzles #1.5 - #8.0
    • Radius 10.06 - 15.24m
    • Flow 4.4 - 36.7 l/m
    • Trajectory 25˚
    • Pressure 1.7 - 4.5 bar
  • Low angle:
    • Nozzles #1.0 - #3.0
    • Radius 7.62 - 10.97m
    • Flow 2.8 - 14.0 l/m
    • Trajectory 10˚
    • Pressure 1.7 - 4.5 bar
  • 5 year warranty. 

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RapidSet® Arc Adjustment
Arc adjustments from 40° to 360° can be made quickly with a few twists of the turret – no tools required. The patent pending RapidSet slip clutch also protects against gear damage caused by intentional vandalism or inexperienced users.

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Airfoil Technology Nozzles
The T5 RapidSet rotor comes with a full set of 8 standard nozzles (25° trajectory) and 4 low angle (10° trajectory) nozzles. The nozzles unique geometry creates a zone of low pressure just below the main stream to gently guide water downward for unmatched uniformity without forcefully washing out newly laid seeds.

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5" Pop-Up
Easily replaces most competitive 4” pop-up rotors with the same footprint but delivers an extra inch of nozzle clearance.

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Available Stainless Steel Models
Commercial grade 304 stainless steel riser and nozzle base sleeves help prevent ‘stick-ups’ and eliminate scoring of the riser caused by coarse and sandy soils.


7.6 - 15.2m

Flow Rate

2.8 - 36.7 l/m

Operating Pressure Range

170 - 450 kPa (Max. 517 kPa)


25° standard, 10° low angle

Pop-up to nozzle

125mm (lawn), 300mm (high pop)



#3.0 nozzle

Factory installed


5 years


Check valve, stainless steel riser, effluent



Compatible with

Swing Joints
Swing joints are pipe fittings that are used to attach sprinklers or rotors to an irrigation system. The T5 is only compatible with 20mm threaded Swing Joints.

T5 Adjustment tool
Used to make changes to your T5 sprinkler

Spare Nozzle tree for T5
Incase of losses or breakages we also offer Spare Nozzle Rack for T5

  • Click here to shop for the Spare Nozzle Rack for T5


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