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Simplify Spring Watering with Pope's Click & Go Sprinkler Range

Simplify Spring Watering with Pope's Click & Go Sprinkler Range

Spring is here, and it's time to get your garden flourishing! But who wants to waste time fiddling with complicated sprinklers? Introducing Pope's innovative Click & Go Sprinkler Range, designed for effortless watering and ultimate convenience.

Mix & Match for a Perfect Watering Solution:

The Click & Go range breaks the mold of traditional sprinklers. Forget buying separate sprinklers for different needs – this ingenious system allows you to mix and match!

Choose from 8 interchangeable sprinkler heads and 2 sprinkler bases to create a customized watering solution for your garden. Need a sprinkler for a small square area? Click on the Squarewave head. Want to cover a larger circular area? Simply click on the RotoFrame head. It's that easy! 

Diagram showing differences between Pope sprinkler heads

Effortless Switching Saves Time and Money:

Gone are the days of struggling with multiple sprinklers. The Click & Go system allows you to switch sprinkler heads in a snap, with a simple click. This not only saves you time when watering different areas of your garden, but also saves you money by eliminating the need to purchase separate sprinklers for each specific need.

The Right Base for Your Needs:

The Click & Go system offers two base options:

  • Plastic Base: Perfect for lightweight sprinkler heads and easy maneuvering. Its sled design allows you to easily drag it through your lawn and reposition it as needed.
  • Metal Base: Ideal for heavier impact sprinkler heads and those who prefer a more permanent setup. The metal base is also more resistant to movement and potential animal interference. 

Screenshot (315) - Copy


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