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Case Study: Te Ngae Nursery and Water Conservation Techniques in Tree Care

Case Study: Te Ngae Nursery and Water Conservation Techniques in Tree Care

Te Ngae Nursery in Rotorua has trees being propagated and grown to a desired age. The production of high quality tree stocks for deployment to a plantation estate is undertaken with utmost professionalism. 

The Challenge: Optimizing Irrigation for Seedling Success

Te Ngae Nursery's containerised planting system requires precise irrigation to ensure optimal growth for their millions of seedlings. Traditional methods lacked the control needed to minimise water waste while delivering the necessary moisture for healthy development. Essentially, they needed a solution that would both track and report on moisture levels while using minimal technology and still being water efficient.

The Solution: Parkland Products Delivers Efficient Water Management

In 2016, Parkland Products implemented a comprehensive irrigation solution designed to address Te Ngae Nursery's challenges:

  • IRRInet Control System: This advanced system provides real-time monitoring and control of irrigation, allowing for data-driven adjustments based on weather conditions and specific plant needs.
  • TORO Sprinklers and Valves: High-efficiency sprinklers and valves ensure accurate water distribution, minimising waste and maximizing effectiveness.
  • Davis Weather Station Integration: Real-time weather data from an integrated Davis station allows the IRRInet system to automatically adjust watering based on factors like rainfall and temperature.
  • Full Field Irrigation System: A comprehensive irrigation system ensures even water distribution throughout the nursery, promoting uniform seedling growth.

The Impact: Sustainable Growth and Environmental Responsibility

Te Ngae Nursery has seen significant benefits since implementing Parkland's irrigation solutions:

  • Reduced Water Waste: Precise irrigation control minimizes water usage while guaranteeing adequate moisture for seedlings.
  • Improved Seedling Health: Consistent and efficient watering promotes optimal growth and minimizes the risk of under or overwatering stress.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automated irrigation systems save time and labor, allowing nursery staff to focus on other crucial tasks.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Te Ngae Nursery's focus on water conservation aligns with Parkland Irrigation's commitment to sustainable irrigation solutions. This successful collaboration demonstrates how advanced irrigation technology can contribute to responsible environmental practices while nurturing the next generation of healthy trees.

With more complicated circumstances like Te Ngae Nursery's, it becomes important to consult with professionals and gain their expertise. Like them, your organisation may want to combine multiple systems to help you achieve cost savings and quality assurance. However, if you are unfamiliar with the technology, then you may encounter issues with compatibility and installation.

At Parkland Irrigation, we pride ourselves on having the best know how for any situation and taking a data first approach to fixing problems. Contact us to see what we can do for you!

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