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How can we save water in public areas?

How can we save water in public areas?

Public parks, gardens, sports arenas, and landscaped medians are the lifeblood of our cities. They provide green spaces for recreation, improve air quality, and contribute to our overall well-being. But maintaining these vibrant spaces can be a challenge, especially when it comes to water usage.

The Problem: Balancing Beauty with Resource Management

Keeping public areas lush and inviting requires consistent irrigation. However, traditional irrigation methods can be wasteful, leading to:

  • High water bills: Unchecked water usage can strain municipal budgets.
  • Water scarcity concerns: Many regions face water shortages, making conservation crucial.
  • Inefficient use of resources: Overwatering not only wastes water but can also damage plants.

The Solution: Smart Irrigation with Motorola IRRInet


The Motorola IRRInet system enables accurate irrigation, rapid detection of water leakages, water budget control and advanced scheduled reporting. Designed to manage thousands of valves, water meters, sensors and head controls, the system can also receive data from third-party sources such as PLC and weather stations and automatically adjust water quantities according to the daily ET.

It’s well documented that a cities’ livability is strongly linked to the number and quality of green spaces made available to it’s inhabitants. On the other hand, provision and management of these spaces can be costly without the correct tools and management systems.

It must be robust. It must be reliable. And it must provide irrigation and water supply control over over an unlimited number of field valves, water meters, water pumps, fertilisers, sensors and more.

Benefits Beyond Water Savings

IRRInet's impact extends far beyond water conservation. Here's what you can expect:

  • Reduced energy consumption: Optimized irrigation means less reliance on pumps and other equipment.
  • Lowered labor costs: Automated systems free up staff time for other tasks.
  • Improved plant health: Precise watering prevents overwatering and promotes healthy growth.
  • Enhanced data insights: Gain valuable data on water usage trends and make informed decisions.
Watch how this farmer achieves operational efficiency with the implementation of a reliable system that allows him to focus on his core tasks.


  • Suitable for municipal parks and gardens, sports arenas, road medians, and commercial areas
  • Real-time control and monitoring system
  • Reduction of water, energy, and manpower expenses
  • Fast return on investment
  • Easy and efficient operation via desktop and mobile phone
  • Advanced data handling, trend analysis and reports
  • Connectivity with external sensors and devices



Recreational Sites
Landscaped areas
Landscaped areas

Real-World Examples: New Zealand Customers Succeeding with IRRInet

New Zealand municipalities and businesses are already reaping the benefits of IRRInet. These real-world applications showcase the system's effectiveness in diverse public spaces.


Is IRRInet Right for You?

If you're responsible for managing public areas, Motorola IRRInet can be a game-changer. Our irrigation specialists can assess your specific needs and demonstrate how IRRInet can provide the water-saving solution you've been looking for.

Take control of your water usage and create a more sustainable future for your public spaces. Contact us today!

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