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Toro Clear-Flo Plastic Disc Filters

Toro Clear-Flo Plastic Disc Filters For the smallest drip and micro-sprinkler systems, thus 25 mm filter produces flows up to 7 m³/hr. Filters are suitable as a primary or secondary filter and ideal...

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Toro Clear-Flo Plastic Screen Filters

Toro Clear-Flo Plastic Screen Filters. Sizes: 20mm, 25mm, 40mm Mesh size: 150 mesh.  Features   Specifications   Documentations   Videos   Compatible with   Reviews  

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Pope Clear-Flo In-Line Filters

Pope Clear-Flo In-Line Filters  The In-Line Barbed filter stops the dirt and grit from dirty water entering the irrigation system and blocking drippers and sprays. Easily secured using locking clamps,...

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